Our Work

We Bring Ideas to Life

Let us help bring your new and exciting projects to life. The following is a set of samples of projects we've worked on in the past.

Power Lines

Powerline Visualization

Revolutionary 3D visualized power line project: where innovation meets expertise.

Water Visualization

3D Water Visualization

Ironfin's 3D visuals deliver immersive & dynamic water experiences with detailed realism, creating captivating project visualizations.

Landscape Scans

Landscape Scans

Leveraging photogrammetry, a drone was used to scan a 300-acre property, successfully generating high-resolution 2D and 3D representations of the terrain.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine

Transforming Wind Energy Vision into Reality with Advanced 3D Visualization

Open Pit Mine

Open Pit Mine

We have worked many projects with our partners in the mining industry to help them correctly portray the plan of an open-pit mine.

Migration Safeguard

Migration Overpass

Ironfin was contracted to generate a visualization of what a migration overpass would look like.

Underwater Pipe

Open Pit Mine

Ironfin was commissioned to create an underwater scene showcasing a proposal to safely disperse water back into the ocean.

Shoreline Pump Station

Shoreline Pump Station

Ironfin was contracted to create an accurate 3D depiction of a pump station along a shoreline.

Sonar Installation

This 3D representation was created to illustrate how a device would look on the ocean floor.