Migration Safeguard Plan


A mining operation faced a dilemma: how to manage salinated water extraction without impacting the natural environment or disrupting the local caribou herds' migration patterns. The community was concerned that the large pipes used to transport the salinated water to the ocean alongside a road might alter the herds crucial migration paths.


To address this, Agnico Eagle commissioned Ironfin to create a detailed visualization showcasing a migration overpass. Our solution involved accurate 3D renderings and simulations that included the road, the extensive piping system, and natural markers, along with caribou placed along the road. By employing precise models of the local flora and fauna, Ironfin's visualizations aimed to illustrate the project's scale and the effectiveness of the proposed overpasses in maintaining the integrity of the caribou's migration routes.


Ironfin’s visualizations significantly contributed to alleviating the community's concerns, demonstrating how the overpasses would allow for the undisturbed passage of migrating herds over the road and pipes leading. This approach not only showcased the potential for harmonious coexistence between industrial activities and wildlife conservation but also reinforced Agnico Eagle's commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible community engagement. Through this project, Ironfin underscored the power of detailed and thoughtful visualization in solving environmental challenges and fostering positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Migration Overpass