Landscape Scans


The company was grappling with the inability to accurately visualize and map the distribution of various vegetation types across their extensive 300-acre landholding. This lack of detailed spatial understanding hindered effective land use and development planning.


Ironfin addressed this challenge through advanced photogrammetry and aerial drone technology, capturing high-resolution imagery of the terrain. These efforts culminated in ultra-high-resolution printouts and sophisticated 3D models that offered an unprecedented level of detail and clarity. By meticulously processing these images, Ironfin provided a comprehensive and tangible overview of the landscape, including precise locations of different vegetation types.


The delivery of ultra-high-resolution imagery and 3D models transformed the company's approach to land use planning and development. Stakeholders gained a detailed visualization tool that enabled accurate planning and decision-making, ensuring that development efforts were informed by a thorough understanding of the land's current state. This project not only facilitated a deeper engagement among stakeholders but also underscored Ironfin's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve complex visualization challenges, promoting informed and sustainable land development strategies.

Original Drone Photograph